Monday, April 1, 2013

Sumptuous San Miguel de Allende

Morning light over San Miguel de Allende

I left Miguel And Mariana in Guanajuato as they returned to Leon to pick up their shock absorbers. The country around here is dry and scrubby and the light, combined with the eucalypts that line the roads, make if feel a bit like driving through parts of Aus. Found my way through the backstreets of  San Miguel de Allende to a very pleasant and well run campground tucked in the backstreets of town.

Here we found a wonderful crew of new neighbours, including the Church’s who’s "Mexican Camping" book has taken a lot of stress out of our lives (thanks heaps guys), and a delightful couple in their 80’s who have been visiting Mexico for decades. Thanks to all you folks for your warm welcome and good company!

San Miguel is a very sophisticated town, with many up market restaurants and quality art and craft stores, perhaps influenced by the 12,000 odd (?) extranjeros who live here for part, if not all, of the year. It is unquestionably an attractive town, but it doesn’t have the intimacy of Guanajuato, and the gringos don’t seem to like to acknowledge the presence of travelers passing through “their” town.

...a bit more authentic outside of the tourist zone

M&M turned up the next day and we spent a couple of days wandering the streets as well as getting repairs and services for our cars. With Easter upon us, the streets are full of Mexican tourists  and  never ending color and movement.

And the street art....let the pictures tell the story! 

Keeping good company

Cooking up a feast...
More good company...with Don Roberto!

A chance meeting on the street with the guy who had organised the murals led to yet another contribution to the evolving PanamericanArte canvas (  by one of the mural painters - Antonio Calderón.

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